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The city of Miami is not only the economic and financial center of South Florida and the second largest in the United States, but also the favorite metropolis  of the most successful investors around the world.

Credits + Loans + Financing

Don’t know how to handle a mortgage? We have alliances with the most prestigious banks, such as BBVA. Not sure if you are eligible for a loan? We work with loan officers and financiers.

Builders + Developers

Looking to invest only in the safest, most profitable, and state-approved projects? We only work with recognized developers and construction companies with whom we have had an excellent relationship for years. Thinking of all the details that a new home involves? We’ll connect you with a New Home Consultant.

Tax + Legal Considerations + Accounting

Overwhelmed by legal red tape? We have specialized lawyers. Don’t know how taxes would work? We have the best accountants in the state.

Property Management for: Short Income Investment + Annual Rental + Vacation Property

Live Your Life Normally While Receiving Passive Income On Time And Without Worrying About Anything.

Professional Property Management

  • Rent collection. Deposit to your account.
  • Mortgage payments
  • Payment of services to suppliers.
  • Associations payments.
  • Insurance and tax payments.
  • We’re at the forefront of the eviction process.
  • We coordinate repairs and maintenance of your property.
  • We handle the relationship with the tenant.
  • We generate income and expense reports based on the money collected from rent and expenses paid in cases of repairs, maintenance, or utility payments.